"I met Michelle soon after I started working for Rogers-O'Brien Construction. Her monthly visits to our office were part of our healthcare benefits. At a company meeting, our HR director talked about how our health and wellness affect every area of our lives. That's why our company believes in preventative care, wholeness and wellness and this type of coaching. 

From the first moments in our meeting, Michelle made me feel supported and encouraged. I shared with her my biometric screening results and she guided me through each. Explaining the numbers and the effects of nutrition and exercise on each. She also spoke to me about balance and wholeness. She encouraged me to establish good habits and healthy routines, invest in myself and my self care, give up unhealthy foods and drinks, and try out varies exercises to learn how I can enjoy fitness and make part of my daily life. She cautioned me about short term weigh loss, yo yo diets, unhealthy thinking about wellness, etc. 

Through her guidance and accountability, I was able to begin establishing good habits and healthy boundaries. It started small, one soda drink a day, one cup of coffee, one full glass of water, etc. I also started a workout regimen that didn't drain me from all energy or was too intense for me to go back to. I began to see changes not just in my figure but my energy level, my focus and attention, my attitude towards food and exercise. I continued to visit with her every month and if I was unable to meet in person, she gladly phoned me to check in. 

I learned a lot from her about my own health and wellness journey. I owe her a lot for the support she gave me in realizing that "people don't decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future." 


"I am a 63 year old Registered Nurse of 44 years.  I have been with my employer for almost 6 ½ years and in December 2013, I was invited to join a wellness program.  Part of that program included working with my Primary Care Physician and our workplace Health Coach.  I had Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, an Excessive Waistline, and COPD with sleep apnea.  Through working with Michelle, I was able to get the support, education, and guidance I needed to lose 56 pounds.  When I try to set goals, I often relied on Michelle to help me with being realistic.  Michelle is able to find information from reliable sources quickly and during our sessions.  The information has always been so valuable to me.  We talk about my personal goals each meeting.  She is also instrumental in helping me solve my difficulties with goal achievement.  Working out or exercise is very tough for me and she motivates me to try different things.  She works with me to evaluate what I’m eating and why I’m not eating enough or skipping meals.  We talk about my health and I have an customized plan for keeping myself healthier.  I feel that Michelle cares about my health by the individualized support I receive at every visit." 


"I wanted to share how Michelle has inspired me, and helped me. She has been accountable, accepting, and a sounding board for me to vent my frustration in my  weight  loss  journey.  Michelle is patient, understanding professional, personable, down to earth, 

trustworthy, and she’s truly looking out for your best interest! Michelle, is diverse, well rounded, and objective in her wellness and coaching profession. My journey with Michelle has been rewarding to me and I’m grateful that God put her in my life. She is straight forth when she needs to be with me as well as gentle and caring.  I’ve given her a lot of challenges trying to find and get on the right path inquiring about weight loss.  Michelle shares her insight and if she doesn’t know then she will research to obtain information. Michelle, makes you feel like you’re her only client when I know she has many.  Michelle, is devoted to me when I’m with her in our sessions and it means a lot. Sign up and start seeing the changes she brings to your life!"


"Intelligent and honest coaching. Michelle has tremendously helped me over the years.She helped me focus on many important aspects of my life: nutrition, personal and professional development. Opening my own business was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Her help allowed me to put things in perspective and in order. Five stars all the way!”


Michelle and I crossed paths through some mutual connections and interests within the well-being space. Each time we’ve connected, I am amazed by how well Michelle is able to distill complex situations and assess various groups. I asked her to be a facilitator for our international military spouse employee resource group and she immediately jumped in with enthusiasm leading a national call with women from coast to coast. She demonstrated expertise in all areas encompassing well-being and wellness and was adaptable to our needs as a group and thinking on her feet (especially on a call where she couldn’t be with us physically). She was highly relatable and able to provide areas of opportunity for self-care along with reasonable (and actionable) objectives to improve aspects of our lives. I would highly recommend Michelle to any group needing a skilled facilitator and well-being coach. Thank you, Michelle!