I’m available for speaking events, panels or teaching educational sessions. 

Fee will vary based on location and duration. 

I've coached in a variety of industries including:​ 

  • Healthcare

  • Steel manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Commercial construction

  • Senior care living facilities

  • Tech

Speaking topics include:

  • Managing stress more effectively

  • Improving communication skills 

  • Building resiliency/emotional fitness

  • Resolving conflict and creating trust in relationships

  • Healthy eating 

  • Exercise guidance (home and/or office)

  • Sleep health

  • Creating a healthy lifestyle

  • Improving productivity

  • Increasing creativity

  • Work/Life balance

  • Weight management

  • Health management (preventing and managing health issues)

  • Creating healthy and supportive work spaces (home and/or office)


I am a skilled lifestyle coach with certifications and/or experience in all the topics listed. I am confident in my ability to assist you. However, I am not a registered dietitian, nor a doctor or licensed counselor. If I feel any issue is outside of my scope, I will let you know. You should consult a doctor about any health concerns you have, in conjunction with coaching. I cannot promise or guarantee certain results. I educate, guide and encourage you on your journey. This is a partnership that heavily relies on your awareness, willingness and efforts.  

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