Shutdown Sanity Guide - Part I

Whether it is day 1, 5, 15 or longer of your shutdown situation - we all need some help adjusting to our new "temporary and begrudgingly" life norms. Seriously, no one was really prepared for this or likes the they? There was an abrupt and vast disturbance to all of our lives - all over the world. The uncertainty along with drastic and sudden changes are keeping all of us on edge, scared and out-of-sorts. In all transparency, I have some sort of sad or fearful feelings most everyday.

If you feel this way also, it's totally normal and okay! A lot is out of our control. Allow yourself to feel and express these things because your feelings are real and these are unprecedented times.

Given the challenges, I see the silver linings as well. Many wonderful and productive things are happening. The human spirit is alive and showing the collaboration, compassion, generosity and innovation that is possible when our backs are against a BIG wall.

High levels of stress, anxiety and depression will dampen your immune system. Here are some things I suggest to help keep your sanity for the foreseeable future. These are things I use myself on any given day, but especially now.

Power of the Mind

Our thoughts and beliefs directly affect our immune system and cellular functions. There is plenty of science to back this up. Right now, our struggle is VERY real, but you have to protect your mental and emotional health as best as you can while in this (or any other) stressful situation.


Plan a mental break or pick me up. It's time to be intentional about this - daily!

  • Find at least one thing to be grateful for each day. Optimism breeds resiliency and purpose.

  • Limit negative vibes, deposit positive ones. Limit news, social media and such if you notice that it is bringing you down. Laugh, sing, dance, read mantras, pray, do hobbies, etc. to create relaxation and "good feels". The sun still shines even if we don't see it. Bring in some sunshine.

  • Stay connected to others. Fear and depression make us isolate from others. That will not help you. Reach out to others on a regular basis.

Here are two apps to check out that I use and recommend regularly:

Brain Tap Pro -

You will get 30-days of FREE access to amazing sessions that will help calm, heal and retrain your brain. Powerful and effective! It will help you reduce negative thought loops and build resiliency. They just released a new bundle "The Brain Tap Retreat" to help us handle this unique COVID-19 world. It is free though April 30th. Just plug in some earphones, relax and listen!

Note: Even if you fall asleep (#powernap), your subconscious mind will still absorb it for your benefit.

Calm -

My favorite meditation app that includes guided meditations, music, sleep stories and much more. You have access to free tools and you can purchase more access if desired.


Working from Home

Some love working from home and some don't. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it is a challenge for many who suddenly find themselves trying to manage work from home and then at home maybe with others (spouse, roommate, kids, pets).

I think this blog gives some solid advice.


Until next time, make good decisions people and be healthy!

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