Shutdown Sanity Guide - Part 3


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Love this meme. You have to laugh a bit, right?

We are transitioning through different phases of this COVID-19 crisis. We all felt the initial shock and abrupt change and fear. Now, we are going through our own paces as far as working remote, having a job, not having a job, kids at home, being lonely, boredom, worrying about parents or loved ones and the looming financial recession. A lot is still out of our control.

As I have mentioned, many of us were worn out from life before this started so being forced to be still, stay at home and rest more was a good thing. For some, a welcome relief (albeit the reason). Maybe you needed to slow down, spend less, connect more with family and friends. That is all great stuff from a healthy living perspective! However, I think the novelty of it is wearing off for a lot of people. As the weeks have passed, other fears or anxieties may have intensified. Maybe you haven't slow down at all, but had to add this situation on top of what you already deal with. Or, maybe now you are just sick of being at home (working or not), doing Zoom calls and cooking all the time.

Society at large needed a "time out" and a perspective shift. However, the shutdown situation is now creating an itch that many want to scratch.

Hopefully we are starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel as the social restrictions lift a bit and businesses start opening back up slowly. However, this will create another transition or phase for us to move through. We will be excited no doubt, but it will still be inconvenient, uncomfortable and awkward for a while. We just have to ride the wave and see how it goes. Continue to be flexible and patient - with yourself and others.

None of this is easy. Expect some ups and downs, but pay attention to the lessons or reminders you need to better care for yourself. Make the changes or shifts you need to make to create a more balanced, fulfilling and healthy life. Life will eventually get back to full-swing so get prepared now. Set a good foundation.

Stay safe and be healthy!

Virtual Meeting Fatigue - oh yeah, it's a thing

Speaking of Zoom meetings (or any video meeting format), here is a helpful article I'm sure you can relate to.|DailyBriefing+Headline|DBA|DB|2020Apr27|ATestDB2020Apr27||||&elq_cid=2753449&x_id=003C0000028GxGOIA0

Have You Gained the COVID-15?

Quite a few of us (including myself) have done a bit of emotional/stress eating and drinking the past few weeks and we are feeling a bit pudgy and yucky. Not a good combo as we head into the summer months for sure. Yikes!

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