Shutdown Sanity Guide - Part 2

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

How to Manage Your Time and Energy Better

What is Your Chronotype?

We all have challenges with managing our time and our energy. We also have natural tendencies and rhythms. Partly based on personality, others out of habit or forced compliance to what others want or need from us. Another aspect you may not know about relates to the idea of having a chronotype. This is based on the book, "The Power of When" by Michael Breus, Ph D. One of my sisters gifted it to me last Fall and it made a lot of sense to me. I often coach people about honoring their body's natural rhythms. Identifying your chronotype is a fun way to explore more about yourself.

If you take away the external demands, pressures and expectations - how would you manage your 24-hours each day? When would you wake, work, eat, be active, have fun, sleep, etc? How could you best use your energy to do those things?

The tips and insights about your chronotype can help you manage life (including during the COVID-19 crisis) in a way that is uniquely yours. They might help you become more organized and strategic about your time, which will help reduce stress and improve resiliency.

Now can be a good time for a "reset". This could be an opportune time to stop and reflect about how life was going before you were forced into this situation. I can tell you that a lot of my clients were constantly tired and overwhelmed from life before all this started. Maybe yours felt like a speed train, roller coaster or hamster wheel. Many of us were doing too much and going too fast. Neglecting self-care along the way.

Managing stress and building resiliency has a lot to do with managing time and energy. It also improves our health in every way. This could be a good time to restructure how you want to go forward with your schedule and routines.

No "typing identifier" is 100% accurate, but I agree with a lot of how my type is described and how I would prefer to go through my day. Obviously, we have to work around other demands and responsibilities, but we can make some changes to make life easier for us and improve our self-care.

Are You a Wolf, Lion, Dolphin or Bear?

Take the free quiz here:

I recommend the book as well. You'll be surprised how detailed this gets! And I had a lot of fun and good laughs reading it.

I'd like to hear about your type and if you feel it relates to you. You can comment on the blog post, my Instagram page or drop me a private message through Healthie.

P.S. I am a bear :)

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