Fall Focus

Fall is a natural time to go back to normal routines. We come out of the off-schedule summer months and back into more structure and discipline. A big push on this transition every year is the school calendar. Even if you don't have kids in school, society at-large usually falls into this rhythm around the school cycle.

The summer months usually welcome long days, more relaxed schedules, vacations and fun in the sun. It's a welcome respite from a usually very active year. However, this year is creating exceptions all over the place so your summer may not have been so easy or relaxed.

Nonetheless, we are now in Fall and the transition is here. This is the fast-moving two month period before the holiday season busts in and hyperdrives us into a new year (which most of us are eagerly waiting for).

You have a two-month window between now and Thanksgiving to get focused (or stay focused) on your health so you can enjoy the holidays with less guilt and damage control.

Where should your focus go? Is it your diet, sleep habits, exercise routine, stress management skills or overall health? No one can keep all these up 100% all the time. You might need to make big shifts or tiny ones - or maybe none at all. Honestly, the overall "healthy goal" is to not ride a rollercoaster throughout the year. You want a fairly steady ride through the seasons so you don't need to make big changes or keep spinning wheels.

Whereever you are or however you are feeling, I'm here to help!

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Anti-Aging - The Right Way

Besides perhaps smoking, the fastest way to age yourself is to live a sedentary lifestyle. Movement or activity every day is what keeps you young. How you ask?

  • Improves circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients through the body and brain

  • Improves detoxification through this increased circulation

  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels by using up stored sugar in your muscle groups as well as the glucose in your blood stream

  • Increases overall metabolism

  • Burns calories

  • Maintains or builds muscle tone - we lose this quickly as we age

  • Creates and balances a host of chemicals to care for your body and brain which reduces most health risks

  • Improves functional movement (lifting, balance, strength, flexibility, agility)

For those of you that don't enjoy exercise (I know you exist), any movement is good. Go for a walk, do some stretching, add in a few pushups or squats while making a meal or watching TV or dance in your living room - which I often do while my dog shows no amusement or participation - eh.

In my years as a personal trainer, this importance was proven to me over and over. I had plenty of clients in their mid-life to senior years. What kept them younger and healthier (in body and mind) was being consistently active. Doctors told me the same. When you lose mobility, aging and health risk increase rapidly. We have to be active to age well and be healthy. Even if your diet is not that healthy, being active will reduce some of the ill-effects of it.

Note: You CANNOT out-exercise a poor diet!

The younger you start, the better things will be. Most of us are pretty active in our teens and 20's. Then we get careers, families, etc. and fitness goes by the wayside. That is fairly normal. However, if this happens, you will eventually start feeling that neglect. You put on extra weight, hormones get imbalanced, health issues like blood pressure or cholesterol start to creep in.

Being active matters in all stages of life!

There are lots of great workout apps out there and some are FREE. You can do a HIIT workout in 7 minutes, practice yoga, go for a run - all without a gym or any equipment.

If you are not already regularly active, start small and make it simple. Make the behavior change path easy, not hard.

Reach out if you need any advice on this.

That is it for now. I'll reach out again as the holidays approach.

Happy Fall!

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