Corporate Wellness

Many companies seek wellness solutions for their employees. It is a way to encourage and support staff to lead a healthy way of life. This is a win-win for employers and employees! There should be reductions in medical costs and increased productivity, and the employees will feel more cared for by the company. 

As insurance costs continue to rise, companies seek ways to control medical spending so they do not have to sacrifice medical coverage benefits or increase deductibles and/or co-pays. Implementing some type of wellness solution can help prevent this from happening. It is much better to spend money on the proactive side of health than the reactive side, which is usually much more costly to both the employer and employee!

Healthy employees = Healthy companies
I have spent the last 10 years in various corporate environments helping create and implement the design of a wellness program, as well as acting as an employee health coach, speaker and educator. I have personally performed hundreds of biometric screenings, including facilitating large vendor on-site screenings. I am experienced working with vendors, benefits departments, and HR teams to create effective and meaningful wellness solutions. 
If you are looking to improve the health and well-being of your staff, I'm glad to offer my assistance. We will discuss the current needs and concerns of the company and how we can align a cost-effective and results-oriented wellness solution that helps to benefit all parties involved.
Consulting fee is $75/hour
Let's schedule a free call or virtual meeting first to discuss some basic details and go from there. 


I am a skilled lifestyle coach with certifications and/or experience in all the topics listed. I am confident in my ability to assist you. However, I am not a registered dietitian, nor a doctor or licensed counselor. If I feel any issue is outside of my scope, I will let you know. You should consult a doctor about any health concerns you have, in conjunction with coaching. I cannot promise or guarantee certain results. I educate, guide and encourage you on your journey. This is a partnership that heavily relies on your awareness, willingness and efforts.  

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