I am a native Texan born and raised in the great city of Dallas, where I reside. 

I started my career in health and wellness as a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer in 2004. I spent 11 years in that role with varied certifications along the way including specialties in heart rate based training and metabolism testing and programming. I then started transitioning into corporate wellness as a certified holistic lifestyle coach from the Chek  Institute in California. 


I’m an avid learner and constantly looking for the latest education, research and thought in all aspects of well-being. 


I believe good health requires having good information coupled with consistent decisions and habits. Part of my job as a coach is to help educate and guide my clients on solutions and strategies that can help move the needle towards better overall health and vitality. 

I am now in my late 40's and have been through more than my fair share of challenges. For the first 40 years of my life, I feel like I’ve been on a battlefield in some way or another including a difficult childhood, helping a mother with several health issues, and toxic relationships. Our struggles may not be the same, but I know their impact and what it means to push through them and survive. 


Since my early 20’s, I have been intentionally learning and growing (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) to heal and make my life better. I now have much healthier boundaries and much more peace and happiness. However, I have to consistently keep at it with healthy habits, structured routines, honest reflection, safe relationships and guarded boundaries in order to create the life I really desire to have - on my own terms. It’s not always smooth or easy. Getting healthy and staying healthy take conscious effort, it doesn't just happen. 


I’ve had many blessings along the way and wonderful people who supported me through the journey. My desire is to assist others who are seeking to improve (in big ways and small) their own peace, health and well-being. 


If you are struggling, there is hope! You can get out of the forest. You can find your way back to shore. I’m here to listen, guide and support you.

If you are doing well, but want to improve some aspect of your health and well-being or reach a specific goal, I'm happy to assist you!

My experience includes:


  • 11 years as a personal trainer

  • 8 years in exercise and resting metabolism testing

  • 10 years in corporate wellness coaching in a variety of industries including tech, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare and commercial construction. 

  • Wellness program design and consulting 

  • Biometric testing

  • Content writer on various health topics

  • Educator, presenter and speaker

  • Over 20,000 coaching sessions!!

I'm trained in:

  • Holistic lifestyle coaching

  • Metabolism testing

  • Safe Conversations®facilitator - https://safeconversations.com/

  • CISM (Critical Incidence Stress Management) facilitator - https://icisf.org/

  • Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

  • Behavior change

  • Stress management/mental & emotional resiliency