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It’s time to get real! Real about your health and well being. Real about how you’re really doing. It’s time to look at the real issues that are irritating you, keeping you stuck, spinning in circles and hindering the progress you’re trying to make with your health - body and mind. 


It’s time to try and find Real Solutions, to avoid wasting any more time, energy or money focusing on the wrong things or misaligned tactics. 


Over the past 15 years, I have facilitated over 20,000 coaching sessions. I offer a unique approach to wellness coaching. One that cuts to the chase and tries to find the root causes and roadblocks of your  health concerns, needs and desires. 


My approach is holistic, compassionate, honest and direct. My goal is to offer you supportive guidance that is efficient and effective. 


If you’re ready to get REAL,  let’s connect! 

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James B.

"Intelligent and honest coaching. Michelle has tremendously helped me over the years." 

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Charla A.

"Through working with Michelle, I was able to get the support, education, and guidance I needed to lose 56 pounds.  When I try to set goals, I often relied on Michelle to help me with being realistic.  .



Deborah G.

"...She has been accountable, accepting, and a sounding board for me to vent my frustration in my  weight  loss  journey.  Michelle is patient, understanding professional, personable, down to earth..."

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"Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens."